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Electronic Medical Pathways

Community Health, Triage & Military Uses

Supports civilian medicine
Supports military medicine
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EMP Electronic Medical Pathways

Vista Electronic Medical Pathways (EMP) is a medical record and information system that empowers clinicians to deliver and document consistent, high quality medical care. EMP leads providers through the steps of clinical care identified for their environment by local medical leaders. The system also creates easily accessible electronic medical records, a crucial element of modern patient care.

Designed to be “occasionally connected,” EMP can function regardless of internet availability, making it an invaluable tool for clinicians operating in rural or rugged environments as well as more traditional clinical settings. Flexibility, rapid tailoring, rugged engineering and low cost make Vista EMP a uniquely complete and versatile tool. EMP allows clinicians anywhere to switch from unreliable, cumbersome paper medical records to an automated system.

EMP provides mobile healthcare workers the capability to share mobile medical encounter and record technology with clinics and hospitals. When the medical record follows the individual, mistakes are avoided, costs are reduced, and the quality of care improves.


EMP includes:

  • EMP Clinical Pathways and Longitudinal Health Records
    Clinical Pathways guide providers through the data collection necessary for patient diagnosis and treatment for a variety of conditions and care types.
  • EMP Clinical Reports
    EMP Clinical Reports provide information about patients and about populations, including encounter type, demographics, medications and bookings. EMP also provides data extracts for custom reporting.
  • EMP Clinical Trials
    EMP supports clinical trials, and customized clinical trial pathways can be quickly added.
  • Implementation
    EMP is rapidly implemented. Preferences for local language, security, prescription formularies, and other user-defined activities can be finished in a single day, while user training and implementation can be completed in as little as a few weeks. Vista EMP has been implemented in ten countries.