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Lesotho Case Study - HIV/AIDS Care

Lesotho-Kids-on-Horse 400x242Vista mHealth EMP is the core of the Vista LifeSciences clinical system for HIV/AIDS implemented in Lesotho, Africa in 2010. HIV/AIDS is a chronic condition and requires regular medication and medical management. It is essential that HIV positive individuals have access to necessary care.

Lesotho needed a system that could be used in a clinic or mobile environment. It needed to operate in an "occasionally connected," rugged environment. These parameters were factored into the network design and solutions that now operate in the clinic and mobile outreach vehicles in Lesotho.

The Vista LifeSciences HIV/AIDS system allows health workers to manage patient medical records in clinic and remote environments. It was tailored through detailed interviews with users, including nurses, pharmacists, HIV/ AIDS counselors, and rehabilitation specialists. The system is designed to be "occasionally connected," enabling medical providers to travel to patient locations with mobile technologies and access electronic records for patient assessments and interventions.

More than 20,000 patient encounters are active on the system today.