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Global System Development
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Global Design Infrastructure
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Technical and Infrastructure Design Analysis
System Implementation
Health Information Systems
Customizable Telemedicine Solutions
Training for Administrators and End Users

Vista LifeSciences leads the way in providing healthcare technology and infrastructure solutions in challenging environments across the globe.

Vista LifeSciences (Vista) creates and implements healthcare information solutions in a myriad of environments across the globe. Vista works with governments, global organizations and foundations to formulate solutions to healthcare and infrastructure problems.

Vista LifeSciences serves clients with real world solutions built to succeed in challenging environments. We apply our experience in global system development and implementation to provide the best solution.

Vista LifeSciences:

  • Successfully implements “electronic medical pathway” systems for care providers, ensuring consistent healthcare delivery and reporting.
  • Provides cognitive and psychological test software on every continent.
  • Delivers telemedicine-ready medical records, disease management, and cognitive and psychological test software for use in remote and rugged environments.

We create meaningful relationships with clients while addressing sustainable solutions. Our partnerships have made a significant impact on healthcare and technology systems on every continent.

Vista addresses complex technical problems with straightforward workable solutions.