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Electronic Medical Pathways


What is Vista EMP?

Vista EMP is an electronic mobile medical record system that guides users through the proper steps for diagnosis, treatment. It can used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Health management for specific populations, such as students, home healthcare patients, and chronic disease patients.
  • Emergency management, such as medical evacuation.
  • Biomedical data monitoring via electronic medical system reports.
  • Pathways for general medicine exam and treatment, HIV care and treatment (PEPFAR and WHO compliant), TB, surgery, and cervical cancer screening and treatment (including WHO standards).

Where can Vista EMP be used?

Designed to be “occasionally connected,” EMP can be used in settings ranging from urban clinics to rural and remote environments that lack consistent electricity and internet connectivity. EMP is currently in use in nine countries in Africa and South and Central America.

How does EMP function in rugged/remote environments?

EMP deploys a proprietary smart synchronization technology that extends protected and encrypted patient and encounter databases to every level of care in a nation or organization. Solar capabilities, custom-designed and locked powered equipment cases, long-life-battery netbooks, and ruggedized database servers and local networks can be deployed in a small clinic using inexpensive but durable hardware.

What are clinical pathways?

Clinical Pathways guide providers through the data collection necessary for diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions. Clinical Pathways include HIV/AIDS, TB, cervical cancer, malaria, general medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, vaccination, public health campaigns, population surveys and select surgeries.

What are the technical components of the Vista EMP system implementation?

Vista EMP includes key components of a sustainable health information system that can be expanded
to meet client needs:

  • Data Model - This model incorporates current and specified data into the application. This may include data included in the system by healthcare providers, as well as data for user and population reporting.
  • Software Application Design – Customized software design supports the skill level and knowledge of the users. Human factors issues include appropriate placement of the application on the screen; ease-of-use for data entry, review, and reporting; and ease-of-use in mobile environments. Automated neurocognitive assessment technology can be integrated into the system.
  • Quality Assurance - Quality assurance assessment begins in tandem with customized system design and continues throughout product development.

Vista EMP can be implemented immediately as a "stand-alone" application or as part of an enterprise health data solution.

What does an implementation project include?

  • Technical assessment
  • Hardware
  • Communications 
  • Power
  • System customizations (e.g., language, drug formulary)
  • System installation
  • Training
  • Support

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