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Electronic Medical Pathways


Pathways Include:

HIV Wellness
Community Health
Behavioral & Cognitive Health
Cervical Cancer

EMP Pathways

Many of the world's most pressing health problems occur in settings where basic utilities like Internet or power are only sporadically available. This means that many countries need a system that's not limited to a clinical setting. Paper based systems are often too cumbersome, unreliable, and cannot track patients longitudinally, particularly when multiple clinics are used. Designed to be "occasionally connected," the Vista EMP enables medical providers to travel to patient locations with mobile technologies and access electronic records for patient assessments and interventions.

The Vista EMP Care, Treatment and Reporting system provides health workers a tool to efficiently manage patient medical records in a wide variety of settings. Clinical Pathways guide providers through the data collection necessary for patient diagnosis and treatment. Used properly, EMP Clinical Pathways can help ensure proper care and proper recording.

Clinical Pathways include general medicine, HIV/AIDS, TB, cervical cancer, malaria, pediatrics, dermatology, vaccination, public health campaigns, population surveys and select surgeries. EMP retains data from each encounter so providers can manage patient health over time.

Vista EMP also provides the reporting capabilities that are vital to managers and government officials. More than a million patient encounters have been recorded to date using EMP.

The EMP HIV/AIDS pathway has been a significant factor in treating, monitoring and reducing mother-child transmission of HIV in developing countries. See: HIV/AIDS Case Study - Lesotho

Vista EMP development stack includes Microsoft C#, MySQL Database, and .Net.

Vista EMP operates on any Windows device and is designed for ease of use.