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ANAM is a library of sensitive, scientifically-proven computer-based tests and behavioral questionnaires designed to provide objective measurements of cognitive performance.

ANAM provides randomized stimuli on tasks that are well-established cognitive measures, and records accuracy and timing of response with millisecond sensitivity. Test results provide healthcare professionals with data to assess cognitive change that may result from injury, fatigue, illness, exposure or medical intervention.

ANAM's library of 22 computer-based tests is designed for a broad spectrum of applications.

Accurate: Sub-second accuracy for optimal Reaction Time measurement

Comprehensive: Library of 22 computer-administered assessments

Reliable: Special timing mechanism to ensure test/re-test reliability

Flexible: Customizable batteries, reports and data collection to match user needs

Researched: Referenced in more than 350 research studies

Components of today's ANAM design were developed by scores of talented scientists. It was patented by the U.S. Army and licensed exclusively to Vista LifeSciences for further development to benefit the military and public. Vista LifeSciences is exclusively licensed to develop and commercialize ANAM and practice the ANAM patents.