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ANAM Software Suite

ANAM Tests

ANAM tests detect change in cognitive functions including attention, concentration, reaction time, memory, processing speed, decision-making and executive function.

ANAM Data Extraction and Presentation Tool (ADEPT)

ADEPT empowers users to view and extract data for custom analysis and data management.

ANAM Performance Report (APR)

The APR software generates an immediate, full report on neurocognitive performance for the assessment session, with comparisons to previous assessment sessions, as well as relevant reference groups.

ANAM Effort Measure

The ANAM Effort Measure is a tool for evaluating the validity of an examinee’s scores by calculating the ANAM Effort Index and highlighting other validity indicators.

ANAM Administration

ANAM can be administered by qualified professionals who have training in psychological testing principles and test administration procedures. Recommended ANAM administration procedures follow the general guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) for distribution and administration of psychological tests.